Sunday morning. Time for a drink. 

Sunday morning. Time for a drink. 

How about some salad for brunch?

How about some salad for brunch?

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Happy Women’s Day!!!

MANdatory Kitchen appliances : Finally there is the opportunity to make smoothies suitable for a manly diet. Raw meat, rocks and engine oil are everything a man needs for a felicitous start into the day. The MANdatory team recommends a V8 kitchen blender for all households, a versatile kitchen appliance that can be used any time.

MANdatory Workout Drill of the Week

This will be the last time we give our readers advice on how to represent manliness in the gym. Except the obvious fact of lifting heavy weights, there are many details that contribute to the overall manliness you present at the gym. Through the past weeks we have given you advice about what drills that are especially manly, however there are an unlimited number of drills that are manly. Therefore we encourage everyone to try out new drills or updating old ones to make them more manly. For a drill to be manly, it needs its key components, lots of noise and it has to be a glory muscle.

The workout trends today point towards cross-fit and yoga which is japanese for can’t lift for shit. A real man does not stretch, and cross-fit(?!) it should be glory-fit and it only includes the important muscles with lots of volume. When you see a postcard of an beautiful area, the things you take in are the sky, the mountains, the sun, the ocean, not the leafs of a tree or a damn bird. Things of size matter, no matter what people say! 

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Who should be the sissy of this week?

Every week we present a sissy of the week, that does not act according to the behaviour of real man.

This week we want you to decide which guy should be the sissy of the week.

We have 2 proposals but feel free to give your own opinion!

1) First nominee is Alex Ovechkin for not living up to his talent and faking too much after a sissy hit.

2) Second nominee is Kim Jong Un for threating the US with a nuclear first strike. Instead of throwing around with bombs like a crazy dude from a crazy country he should settle this dispute in a bare knuckle fight with Obama. This would be way more manly!

We are looking forward to your choice (Use the comment field)!

MANdatory Commercial of the Week

We saved the best for last, this weeks commercial comes from K-Swiss. If you don’t know who Kenny Powers is, you do not know much about life. He’s the man, the myth the legend. With a filthy mustache, mullet, and fierce attitude there are few of us men that can compare ourselves to such a human masterpiece. Da Vinci might have painted Mona Lisa, but Kenny Powers is a walking masterpiece who possesses everything we on MANdatory stand behind: Manliness, Mustaches, and Mullets. The three golden M’s that every man should try and to achieve in life. Get the Tubes! 

Solid MANdatory Evening

Prost! Skol! Cheers! 

MANdatory hair of the week

Okay, so we’re down to the pubes. What to do about it? We have some suggestions for you.

1. Your pubes should match your facial-, and/or chest hair. You may often ask yourself about the ladies; “does the rug match the curtains?”. Apply the same concept for yourself.

2. What you see is what you get, first impression last, and so on. Make sure you’ve followed 1st tip, otherwise you might make a bad impression. 

3. No room for unpleasant surprises. If you’ve followed 1 and 2, no 3 should not be a problem. By that, you’re the one who leaves before the morning after, not her. If she does, you haven’t followed the steps properly. 

Good luck!

pubes and soap

Make yourself happy!!!

Make yourself happy!!!

MANdatory wearable item of the week

This week’s wearable item is the Bavarian lederhosen. Today, they are used as leisurewear. You see, in Germany leather is equal to leisure. However, you’re only allowed to wear your lederhosen IN Germany, or if you’re FROM Germany. Otherwise, you’re just a random guy who’s into leather knickers, and that is not manly. 


MANdatory Knockout of the Week

This week’s knockout comes from a French prank show that did not end up as planned. One of the cast members attempts to throw a net on a pedestrian who expects nothing. His reaction is far from appreciative of the joke, probably since he’s wearing a very fashionable slim fit leather jacket… He starts to yell and scream at the same time as his friend further down seem to believe that it was a dangerous event occurring and as the cast member is about to pass, he delivers a smooth roundhouse kick straight to the face of the poor cast member. As a result the cast member decides to lay down for a while, probably thinking about eating frogs or raising a white flag. To enjoy the video a little bit more, look at the cast members facial expression after he has thrown the net and starts running. There’s trace of excitement as he running in an incredibly athletic manner, but little did he know he was about to get a swift kick to the face seconds later. 

MAN of the week

The man we want to honor this week is basketball player Metta World Peace. Metta is his first name and World Peace is his surname, after changing it in 2011 from his birth name, Ron Artest. 

His track record is filled with both awesome stuff and some less flattering incidents. 

During his first season in Chicago Bulls back in 1999, he applied for a job at Electronics retailer Circuit City, just to get employee discount. He never got the job.

Ron, or Metta, also tried a musical career once, and he actually released an album, “My World”. We want to share one of the best tracks from that album. Or should we call it “least useless”?

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